Specification of PVC anti-slip grating into overflowing ducts - type Paralatt 518

Gratings are made of high quality raw materials without the use of dangerous substances. The material used - PVC comes from two companies with attestations, the first is MACOMASS , the second is the new company TIÚ- Plast a.s.. As the only company in the global market, we combine both materials-the top batten from impact-resistant PVC and the bottom strip of soft PVC, welding method without add a third material. This gives a high quality combined with great strength.

The grating is UV resistant, colour stable, temperature resistance from -40°C to + 120°C. The structure allows easy maintenance and simple handling [is a scrollable]. The product is resistant to chemicals, acids, fats, oils, fuels, aqueous solutions of salts, marine or mineral waters, very aggressive cleaning and disinfectant resources used in swimming pools, etc. Load without additional aid to the breadth of the 266mm for a free walking person. Its structure allows for easy drainage of the liquids to spill duct. The grating is non-porous and does not allow for the growth of bacteria or fungi. Warranty on products is 2 years. The product lifetime is much longer.

Our gratings are placed e.g. luxury hotels around the world, wellness, sauna, water parks, Disneyland in Paris and in Hong Kong, the various hospitals, spas, hospitals, but also in the food industry, automotive industry, heavy industry

Use: for drainage ducts and for overflowing ducts (channels).

Enumeration of some of our references: Kung Sheung,Guangzhou Kiyea Leisure & Sports Supplies Inc.company Hong Kong , KS Aqua Engineering Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, medical spec. needs , SEVA France , wholesale trade services of chemical and medical industry , centravet a and Vetinox veterinary needs. Spa Jachymov, Teplice v Čechách, Luhačovice. Food, Nestle France, fishing boats, fish processing, and Gervais Danone France, chocolate and dairy in France, brewery in Germany, pools in Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Monaco, Siemens, and many others.