Specification of anti-slip grating - type Paralatt 1225

Gratings are made of deciduous hardwood profile wood without a surface coating for the absorption of dangerous materials and other substances and soft bottom belt with certificates, connected with zinc-coated or stainless steel screws. The material used-PVC with certificates, (TIÚ- Plast a.s.) Joints of the wooden grating and bottom strip of soft PVC zinc-coated or stainless steel screws. There is possibilities the joint to replace by other screws according to wish of customer.

The grating is made of deciduous wood with anti-slip grooves, it´s durable and highly stable. The structure allows easy maintenance and simple handling [it´s a scrollable]. The product is (thanks to the lower soft belt that separates the surface from the wood), resistant to chemicals, acids, oils, fuels, solutions of salts, very aggressive cleaning and disinfection resources used in the industry, etc. Thanks to the flexible substrate grating reduces fatigue during prolonged standing and at the same time creates an optimal insulation against thermal and electrical influences (electric influences within using non-galvanized screws). The bottom strip of soft PVC guarantees a pleasant walking or prolonged standing, its structure allows for easy drainage of liquids in all directions. Warranty on products is 2 years for normal use during the current standing at the machines in the industry. The lifetime of product is much longer.

Our gratings are placed for example in food industry, automotive industry, heavy industry and laboratories.

Use: In front of industrial machines etc.

Enumeration of some of our references: Nestle France Danone France, Gervais France, breweries in Germany, Siemens, and many others.